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Create Sub-Accounts in Gmail

November 12, 2008 · 1 Comment · Blogging

Updated: 11/18/2008

Your tech saavy will really shine once you complete this task.  You’ll be creating sub-accounts in Google Mail to create email accounts for students in your class.  For these accounts you don’t need student names you just need a generic name (i.e. – smithclassroom @ to start. Follow these directions to get going:

  1. Log in to Google Mail with the account you created previously
  2. Click Settings in the upper right hand corner and then click the Accounts tab
  3. Click Add another email address link and enter a new email address based off of the main email address ([email protected]).  For instance, Student 1′s email would be smithclassroom+1@gmail.comAdding the “+1″ to the end of the email name is what differentiates this new account from all others.

  4. Continue adding sub-accounts until you have enough for the students in your class. Note: think about the potential growth of your class.  If you don’t have enough accounts, you can go back and add more later.

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